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The previous website was not explaining all the benefits of this product efficiently, and the users were not spending very long on the website. Therefore users don’t get to know the product very well. Also, the website’s design didn’t give the impression of a premium or classy credit card brand. Therefore, some look and feel changes were also required for the strategic redesign process.

Main goals for the new website

  • Position humm90 as “The platinum mastercard with interest free superpowers”
  • Educate and convert prospects
  • Further educate and support existing customers
  • Support humm90 LTIF Merchants
Previous website – home page

Discoveries after previous website and competitor analysis

  • Standardised look & feel to the new H90 branding
  • Improve usability overall and design with a mobile first approach (60% mobile / 40% desktop)
  • Remove modules and content that is not relevant
  • Avoid the impression that the brand is hiding something. Give further information to users
  • Add above the fold content if possible (SEO)
  • Drive the attention towards the ’Apply now’ CTA
How it works previous page

How it works page

The previous “how it works” page didn’t have all the benefits of the product explained clearly. Some research based on user feedback found that people felt confused about the humm90 card benefits after visiting the home page and this specific page. Therefore, it was necessary to re-think the layout of the “how it works” page and the information architecture of the humm90 card benefits across the website overall. The redesigned website should include these benefits upfront for users.

The written content across the website needed a language update. It must be less flowery. It should describe the benefits and features of the product in a more easily understood way.

Sentiment analysis – Top pain points

Research done by an external agency

The top pain points discovered by the research revealed several areas to focus on for improvement across the humm90′ services. Being a credit card part of a financial institution, humm90 has different contact points with customers and must deal with a lot of frustration and constant feedback from customers. These areas are customer call center support, customer portal, balance statements, mobile app and website. The main areas specifically to focus on for the website redesign were:

  • Lack of awareness and understanding of the humm90 value and benefits and how it works
  • Unclear fees and relevant policies

Sitemaps and navigation structure – New website

New website main navigation structure

The new website had a completely new structure starting from the main navigation. The website’s primary focus, considering the information architecture, is to explain to the customers the benefits of the product. The rest of the sections describe the benefits of humm90 and give users a clear call to action to get started and apply for a credit card.

humm90 benefits structure and contents

Each of the benefits pages has a similar structure. The approach is to make content that might be difficult to understand more uncomplicated to get just after reading a few sentences. There is some specific benefit that is a bit more complicated in terms of the internal content, but most of them follow a simple structure (What is it, How it works, & FAQs).


Working closely with the team and having a good understanding of how the layout should look after the research phase, we started putting wireframes together for most of the pages.

Home page
humm90 benefits

Full case study of this project coming soon, check out the full redesigned website here.

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