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Discovery phase

Before jumping into any visual design work, it’s critical to understand the current state of your business or project from the UX/UI perspective and the specific goals you want to achieve with my help in the short and mid term.

Specific services:

  • Workshop with relevant stakeholders to identify what your project or business need from the UX/UI perspective
  • Remote user research: What you think your business need might be different of what your customers’ expectations are.
  • Competitive analysis focused on the UX/UI. After identifying a clear path forward, I explore existing user interfaces and experiences that might help us as a guide.
Information architecture

Let’s organise the content of your product so it makes sense to your customers and any user can actually find what they need with less frustration along the way.

Specific services:

  • Remote workshop using a collaborative platform to find out what is more and less important to communicate through out the interface (primary, secondary & tertiary information)
  • Remote card sorting session to map out the content, sections, etc of your project.
Design thinking

Remote sessions oriented towards the user interface solution you need for your product. This approach would put the user at the centre of the design solution. The possible solutions explorations can be iterated as prototypes before implementing the final look and feel of the product.

The type of remote session could cover topics such as:

  • Define the problem: Based on your user research, define the problem you are trying to solve in a way that is specific and actionable
  • Ideate potential solutions: Generate a wide range of potential solutions to the problem. Encourage creativity and innovation by brainstorming and ideating with a diverse group of stakeholders.
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UI Design

Creating a sustainable and scalable visual ecosystem which is easy to maintain through a UI components library. I make sure that the UI work meet up-to-date standards and good practices following proven and tested recommendations. The wide range of UI products you might be after could be interfaces such as websites, web apps, mobile apps (Android or IOS), dashboards among others.

Specific services and process (each specific project might have a different approach):

  • Sketches and low fidelity wireframes
  • Digital wireframes (skeleton of the user interface)
  • UI design kits implementation to get started (IOS, Android, Material Design, etc)
  • UI design system – Figma library
  • UI Documentation
  • Prototypes for usability testing (minimum viable products)
  • Developer ready user interface – High quality screens
  • A robust developers handoff methodology backed up with UI documentation (Figma, Zeplin, etc)
Usability testing

I manage and run an usability testing session to make sure all the elements and components of the user interface (website, mobile app, etc) make sense to users so they’re able to find what they need and they’re also can complete a task and interact with the product in an efficient way when clicking or tapping buttons, links, navigation bar, dashboards, etc.

Specific services:

  • Recruiting participants using online platforms
  • Creating realistic test scenarios that simulate how users would interact with the product in real life
  • Conducting the testing session: Remote usability testing session that you can watch from anywhere
  • User’s feedback analysis. Putting emphasis on the user pain points and action plan to take feedback on board efficiently
  • Reporting results: Summary of the findings from the testing session, including actionable recommendations for improving the product (Can include a doc/pdf file)
  • Follow-up consultation to help you implement the recommendations and ensure that the product is improved based on the testing results.
Branding & MKT collaterals

Collection of different media, used to support the sales or narrative of a product or service.

Marketing materials products:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Social media graphics
  • Flayers, brochures, catalogs (print)
  • Web banners
  • And any other promotional materials. Reach out if you need something more specific that is not listed in here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently working full-time at the CommBank Australia. However, I do take on UX/UI freelance projects with more limited working hours (weekends) and more flexible timelines. My available time slots for meetings at the moment are as below:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays: 8:00 – 9:00 am.
  • Mondays and Tuesdays: 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

If this is a good fit for your project, please reach out.

You can use the contact form on this page or you can just email me directly on: I’ll get back to you shortly. 

UI stands for User Interface. UI designers focus on the visual design of the interface. They are responsible for creating the look and feel of the product. These user interfaces can be a wide range of products such as mobile apps, websites, dashboards, etc.

UX stands for User Experience. UX designers are responsible for understanding the needs and goals of the users and creating a design that meets those needs. 

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